True Consciousness in Today’s Society

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Modern life is a true maze! A maze that is all the more complicated by excess of technology, information overflow and materialistic approach. Most of the human race today is suffering from  one or the other form of stress, the variation is in magnitude only.

Access to information is easy with the help of latest gadgets and medias. We all know that we need to live a humanitarian life, be humble and God fearing. But a very amazing factor that can be noticed easily is that majority of human beings are not scared of God but are scared of fellow beings. They are not interested in God’s acceptance but what really is the purpose of their life is social acceptance. Most are turning and twisting their lives basic values, actions, behavior to be part of a group. Even though all of them know it very well that the main purpose is to be accepted and loved by God.

Too much too soon- is the motive that makes sense! God is an after life concept, lets live our life for today, is what people feel.

Yes we are social beings and need to live in a society but why is the need to compromise on your value system to create an image? How many really go to a temple ,  mosque or church for the love of God? How many go there just to create a religious image in the eyes of others or do social formalities? How many donate or help others with a motive of human service? Or is it a tool to enhance their human image or get some mileage in their career or work?

Today’s human beings sell God in the name of religion to achieve their selfish goals. God must be pleasantly amused by this show of craziness by his most special creation! And when we are half way through the maze do we realize that all we have done till now is just a source of superficial gratification and long term distress. But half way through, there is no looking back.

Irony of the fact is that many relationships that are formed during this phase are neither satisfying nor positive. The other party is also into a relationship with you for some personal agenda. In final analysis, it is a lose-lose situation for all that are involved.

But a life which is guided by the love of God, may be difficult or lonely initially,but finally leads to self satisfaction and personal growth. Those handful of people later become a source of inspiration for many and are respected wholeheartedly by others.

People and situations change with time and things done  to permanently attach them to ones life will prove futile in the long run and cause lot of heartburn. A life well lived, without a purpose to impress others but to become a better individual will only give everlasting happiness.

Loving the creation without giving proper respect and love to the creator, will only stress life more. For life is a journey of self discovery. This self discovery will only happen if we totally stick on and believe in God. Otherwise, we will come again and again in different forms in this illusionary world to experience pain, disillusion and loneliness.


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