Ten Indicators that you are Self Confident


Living life to the fullest requires one to be self confident. It helps one to have fewer regrets and more of acceptance towards life. People who lack in self confidence, can work on themselves to develop this quality. The quality of your life depends on how self confident you are.

And the below mentioned points will help you understand, as to how confident you are.

  1. Taking responsibility of one’s life- Self confident people do not put the blame of their failure or miseries on others. They firmly believe that they are responsible for each good and bad happening in their life. They are themselves capable of making changes.
  2. They are not bothered by others- The behavior or attitude of others is not their business. They are seldom influenced by the whims and fancies of others. They are too engaged in their own life, so their reaction to others is minimum.
  3. They are optimistic-As they feel that they are capable of making changes in their life, so they see hope around them. They try to find the positive side of even the worst situations. They actually are gold diggers.
  4. They are always learning-As they are confident that they are capable of more, so they are eager to learn something new, irrespective of their age or situation. They look for continuous improvement.
  5. They are strong decision makers-After weighing the pros and cons, they take decisions and never regret them later. They do not waste their time thinking if they took a wrong or right decision , once the decision is taken.
  6. They seldom gossip-Mostly they are busy discussing new ideas, so their discussion is not centered around people or events. They are not interested in judging people around them.
  7. They are ambitious-As they are confident about themselves, so they will have more targets set for them. With time the goals will become more tough and will make them more enthusiastic.
  8. They are good communicators-Self confidence leads to expressiveness, and that can be seen from their strong body language  and confident speech. They will speak to the point and stick to it. Mostly they will not go back on their words.
  9. They are leaders-Whether they want it or no , people will follow them because of their persona. Even people who do not like them, will come to them for advice during their tough times. People will discuss them at any given opportunity.
  10. They are Assertive-A self confident person can best be defined by his assertiveness .He will never pull anybody down or lower his own self esteem, for any convenience. He is just and believes in equality.

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