Selfie Addiction: Should Parents be Worried  

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Selfie have become the latest in thing during the current scenario. Open up Facebook,Instagram,Whats Up or any other social networking site and you are sure to find a lot of attractive selfies .


Females know how to make that perfect pout for that smashing selfie! A well sculpted look is envied and coveted by everyone. Nobody gets satisfied by one perfect click. New updation is required for each day, occasion or mood. Competition is huge. Affluent people go for selfies, helped by professionals.

All said and done, the young generation is the most influenced by this new trend. They take it as a normal part of their life but over involvement  with this fad is being looked as a mental disorder by the medical fraternity. Youngsters too obsessed with this fad are considered mentally ill. Posing in front of the camera at any given opportunity may depict low self esteem and a psychology to attract attention of others. Studies are being carried out across the globe to understand the psychological reason for this habit .Some feel emotional gaps and poor self esteem are responsible for this behavior.


Teenagers are the worst hit. Any new dress ,hairdo, outing, laugh ,action, style etc etc becomes an invitation for a selfie. And then is the need to have the best selfie amongst family and friends with a hope to get great comments or likes .If that expectation is not met than a new more attractive selfie becomes imperative. This leads to loss of focus on academics, irritation and a feeling of poor self esteem. There is a demand of latest phones as they are required for taking the best selfie. Uncontrolled craving for this can lead to lot of psychological effects in the long run and will definitely impact the present life of the ward.


As parents a few things need to be understood and then educated to the ward


1-Only those selfies need to be put on the social media which do not become a cause for embarrassment in the future. Today good organizations check the social media to find details about the new joinee .The selfies displayed for fun or just plain casually may lead to lot of heartburn when aspiring professionally.

Also they may impact the social stature of a person in years to come ,as selfies taken in the past may project an image very contrasting to the present status and calibre. Your selfies may build a branding for you that is not positive .Teenagers need to think twice about the future impact of their selfies.

Your Online Reputation may tarnish your actual reputation. So beware.


2-At times the information given in the Selfies background about your name, address, location etc may become an important source for targeting you ,by the cyber criminals. They may track you down by predicting your daily routine or habits. You may become vulnerable  to your predators.


3-Teenagers should be aware of privacy settings in each social platform and should use it to protect their individual information access to strangers or the whole world. Privacy settings are aimed  specifically for that.


4-They should not blindly believe in the comments given by others on their selfies. Comments or posts done by others are in no way, the defining factors for their individuality or personality. These comments may be far away from reality ,depending on the mental frame of the person doing it. Comments may  just have been done to provoke,flatter,confuse or influence  you. They in no way should impact your self esteem.


5-Encourage children to live in the real world. Capturing a special moment via a Selfie is fine .But the virtual world can never take over the real world. Family and friends can always be an arm length away,so why try reaching them through these selfies. Go and meet them in person. Too much of social media may create distance from people, who really matter.


Instead of enjoying the present moment ,an individual becomes too engrossed with taking a selfie and loses on the moment. Just making poses and pouts to flaunt your picture to others is not a good idea. It is better to live a real life with all your perfections and imperfections. Do not live in front of the lens . A selfie once in a while is a good idea but getting addicted to it is a projection of very poor self control.


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