Raising Responsible Kids!

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What is your  vision for our future generation?

Is it a dream to raise  kids in utter luxury or to provide them with understanding of the basics of life?

With the advent of nuclear family system , both working parents and  usually just one or two kids, the  spendable income of families has increased greatly. Also media and society is projecting  a stereotype image for the parents, wherein they need to pamper the kids like prince and princess to be worthy of their love!

Grand and lavish homes , elaborate food habits, luxurious and branded clothes, all sort of crazy toys and gadgets, five star schools,  are a normal part of childhood. Societal pressures on parents to be providers of all sort of amenities to the kids is the demand of the times.

Luxuries have replaced quality time to be spent with the kids. Kids are busy in their own life and parents in their own. Time is replaced by material facilities.But too much of all this leads to lack of patience and respect for resources  in the kids, as they grow up.

Because of the luxury they are raised in, they see the world with colored glasses and feel that everything will be a cakewalk in life. But as they grow up and see the real side of life, they are unable to cope up with it. Overprotected and pampered childhood can lead to lot of serious life adjusting issues like relationship issues, stress, anger, frustration, etc.

It is imperative that parents raise their kids in the real world, with a balanced view of life. For kids , who are not able to balance their life as adults, eventually blame their parents for the debacles they face or end up depressed or drug addicts.

It is true that we as parents earn for the well being of our children but we must remember at all times, to make our kids independent individuals, who can handle life on their own , if need be. Lets prepare them for the  real world. By not giving into their each and every demand, we need to make them realize the value of patience and resources. From early on, the kids should learn to control their excessive demands and have respect for other people. Abundance of resources does not imply that we have the right to misuse or waste them. Kids need to learn this early on!

It is time we raise children who know their rights and responsibilities equally! An individual who knows just the rights and does not understand his responsibilities is just a liability for himself and society.

Come lets raise responsible kids.



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