Poor Self Esteem


Many a times we meet people with poor self esteem. They are always looking for social acceptance to be happy. For them life is measured in terms of how many people accept them. Also they know that a projection of poor self, or problems in life will give them acceptance in other people eyes.So they use this mind set unconsciously or consciously to gain a place in society. The flip side is that, slowly but gradually such individuals, themselves stop appreciating the happiness they have in life and try to either ignore it or downsize it. They feel that they cannot be happy as it will make them less liked .Somewhere they start to see the negative side of all things and believe they are the oppressed ones. This pessimistic approach makes life miserable for such individuals and even though having all, they feel they have nothing worthwhile in life.Fault finding becomes their second nature.

Due to this behavior, slowly they are sidelined by society itself.

Finally the outcome is totally fatal. They are not able to enjoy and appreciate the happiness in their life nor are they accepted by society in the long run.All this leads to disillusionment, frustration and depression.

So it is important such people have a strong self esteem and view life positively. For this will help them live out life to the fullest potential, with out being dependent on others for  their self worth.

Society in general also has this strange mentality. Start narrating your sad story and people will gather around you to console you.Even your enemies will have sympathy for you. Sincerely they will hope for your good. Sympathy,care and warmth will come in abundance.But now take the reverse condition .You become happy and share your joy with people around you.On your face they may try to be a part of your happiness and congratulate you but inside they will feel jealous of you.Even your close ones would try to pull you down or analyse you critically!

So the fact is that a problematic life is acceptable in society but a happy, satisfied life raises a lot of questions against you.This actually is a hard fact of life!

Remember, the people who pity you for your miseries are also the first to laugh at you and blame you for your situation. So be happy and independent. For you solely are responsible for all that happens in your life!

A strong positive self esteem will make you independent of  the need of others approval at all times .You are a complete individual and others compliment your happiness. They are not the source of your happiness. Your happiness lies in you. Dig deep inside to achieve it.

Create a happy, satisfied and well lived life.


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