Patience Always Pays


Patience is a wonderful virtue.But it  is lacking the most in today’s world.We are all in a hurry.We want immediate gratification of senses,resolution of issues,achievement of goal!

Quick fixes are what we are looking at day in and day out.Even beauty cream promotions carry surety of metamorphosis of your color and skin texture in one use.Marketers today understand the mindset of the people in general.Instant masala noodles,instant recovery from diseases is what we want.

A couple wants a baby,and if it does not happen in two or three months than there is a lot of stress and havoc breaks lose.Doctors,infertility clinics are immediately sought after.But in many cases,the root cause is stress of quick pregnancy! Relax guys,instant gratification is not the law of nature for many issues that we are stressed about.

Most of the people are looking for fast professional growth and they will choose any path to reach there.Who cares for ethics and morals,if they are achieving their goals! To the hell with all this is the general tendency.

Most of the crimes like sexual abuse,molestation,murders,forgery,violence can be almost eradicated if only people have the virtue of patience.The world of today is sincerely lacking in this quality like never before.

In sports also so many sportsmen use steroids and drugs to achieve their desired goals.Its not that they are unworthy but only thing lacking is patience.They are in a hurry to showcase their talent to the world.And you have seen the repercussions if caught-very humiliating and life shattering?

Take a step back,relax and think that are these immediate measures and achievements sustainable and worthwhile.Lack of patience will only lead to dissatisfaction,loss of relationships and poor self esteem in the long run.

It will only builds your stress levels and harms you physically,socially and spiritually.Do not go against the rules of nature for surely nature will take its own course and punish you aptly for working against it.Your short term achievements are not worth so much risk! Have a long term view of life and do not be short sighted.



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