Of What Women Talk and Think


Being a woman can be a lot of fun!I am not joking .It not always a story of sacrifice ,selfless service and giving for so many species of my gender in today’s scenario .So many of awakened females live life on their own terms.A woman does not have much dislike for the other gender as much she has for her own since time immortal.She can forgive the flirting of her lover or the rude and crude behavior of her penniless drunk husband more easily than forgiving a cousin who looked more beautiful  than her in a family wedding.She will spend weeks and months fuming over the new dress her friend wore at the kitty party and pray to God earnestly to spoil the dress before her friend  reaches home.She will casually look at a beautiful female in the party and run to the washroom to get her makeup fixed.And when she comes back all fixed up ,she will try to look at this female more closely ,so that she can notice her flaws which she can discuss later on with the others in the party.

She will suffer from pangs of hunger and weakness all those months to have that zero figure for that classy body hugging dress she purchased from the summer sale.But if nobody compliments her on her looks on that eventful day than she is bound to go in total depression for next few week and put all her  frustration on her poor family.She will wear the most uncomfortable and tall footwear to have the  look!Her feet will hurt,her back will pain but she will maintain her calm and posture.She will stand straight with all the royalty of the world to get noticed.And when some one will come and compliment her for her looks,she will give the most innocent and startled  expression that she can think of and say “Really?Thank You”.The moments of compliments  are the times when would want the whole world to be around her and tell them about her ACCOMPLISHMENTS.O God! how much she loves to be complimented.The pain and hurts of her body will vanish  if her mission is accomplished!See how much sacrifices she does !

If by chance someone from her near and dear ones dares to appreciate the cooking,behavior,dressing sense,professional growth of any other female she likes, than automatically due to unknown reasons her liking will change into dislike .She will somehow be immediately blessed with super memory .She will recollect and dramatize all the wrong doings of that silly soul.She will feel so let down by her friend for reasons known only to her.She will try to avoid her and share her tales of woe with her common friends-How she had been enduring all the smartness and selfishness of her friend!No matter what,women will be women.The secret desire to be loved,appreciated and complimented has no limits for her.The more  of these you give her,the more she wants.

If you have the courage to ignore her than she is sure to drown you in her tears.She will quote how sick,lonely,cheated she has felt because of your cold behavior.You will scratch your head and feel like banging it on the ground because you will try to find logical reasons as to why she is making an issue out of nothing.But she will rob you of your  intelligence and objectivity with her show of emotions.Finally you will retreat,beg for forgiveness and yet not understand anything.Also she will show her large heartedness by forgiving you  for your sin. That’s the power of today’s intelligent woman.



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