Nirbhaya Case and Women Empowerment


The sudden controversy against the broadcast of Nirbhaya case accused version of the heinous rape has agitated the mindset of the Indian audience at large. Media , general public and organized groups are against the telecast of this documentary ,as they feel that it promotes the culprit ,giving him  undue importance. Also it is a injustice to Nirbhaya and her family , who now needs peace.

If sources are to be believed the accused has no remorse for the act and comments that females should not roam around alone at night. He even goes on to say that the victim should not have resisted rape.

Indian people at large feel that government should not have given permission for such an interview and secondly now this video should not be aired. Who gave the permission for recording this interview and why , is a matter of controversy. Also who all will gain from it is needs to be seen.

But the most important question that needs to be addressed is as to what is the social standing of Indian woman today ?  Is she equal to her male counterpart or there is mere lip service being offered in the name of gender equality and woman empowerment?

What mindset the culprit has shown in the video is actually the mindset of so many Indian males and there are no two views about it. So banning the video or not telecasting the mental makeup of the culprit will be like masking the real problem.

It is a ground reality that so many Indian males , even those so called liberated and educated ones feel that females are mere mortals for sexual gratification. The worst is that a lot of Indian women also endorse this view and blame the woman involved for any rape, molestation, dowry death, abuse happening. They strongly feel that the woman involved in such instances is largely responsible for the crime.

It is time that awareness about women rights and equality is made a mass movement in India,  by the media ,social groups and motivated individuals. The urgency is to change the mindset of the Indian people at large so that they can treat a woman with respect and equality instead of focusing on banning the view of the documentary.

Women Empowerment in India needs to be done at the grass root level. Sweeping the problems under the carpet will only lead to aggravation of the issue in the future. It is time that the young people take up the revamping of this sick mindset. The Indian cultural mindset that a women has to be meek, ever sacrificing and quiet needs to be broken fragment by fragment. Dr Mrs Pachauri ‘s silence on the sexual harassment case against her famed husband is what actually is expected out of an Indian female.This mindset needs to be broken at all costs .Even independent ,educated women are unable to open up due to this socially acceptable behavior.

It is time we Indians truly introspect our value system-the way we look at a female. We worship the all powerful females Goddesses but when it comes to our personal arena we try to pull down, exploit or manipulate a female very easily. This is being done physically, economically or mentally both by males as well as females .

Its time we have a bigger perspective of life and have empathy for women at large and go in for real Women Empowerment in India instead of shouting at banning of a video. The core issue of changing the conservative mindset of majority of Indians towards the women at large needs to be addressed seriously.



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