MS Dhoni-Leadership Redefined!

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An honest confession.

I have never been an admirer of MS Dhoni.

Like any other Indian watching  cricket is a tradition. But from years have felt that the skipper was being given undue importance and popularity .But watching  India Versus Bangladesh ,T 20 World Cup 2016 ,played on 23 March 2016 made me change my thoughts about Dhoni automatically, without any effort .Anybody who saw the match will agree that the match was always one sided once India put up a small target for Bangladesh to chase. Bangladesh was  undoubtedly the winner till the last  ball. It was surprising to see Indian team get together in the field during the last over a couple of times. They were all thinking at the last moment-maybe brainstorming ,as to what needed to be done. A sight very rare in this game. As a layman ,i found it funny and felt that Indians were stressed out. But the outcome was totally surprising and unthinkable.

The last ball when Bangladesh had to score just two runs the skipper again discussed his master-plan with the bowler. And then the skipper just took off his glove as though very sure of the future happenings, caught the ball and ran like lightening to hit the wicket. All seemed to be amazing !Within a few seconds the game was snatched from the hands of Bangladesh.

Not only this the second stumping done by MS Dhoni was also so meticulously planned by him ,that it was unbelievable. Dhoni caught the ball and stumped only after noticing the foot movement of the batsman. It required master craftsmanship to accomplish such a rare feat. Keeping your mental balance intact at such a crucial moment is really commendable. A fraction of second here and there could have made the whole difference.

Dhoni actually displayed that he has nerves of steel and does not get nervous at the most difficult and stressful situations. No panic, no show of emotions. He just plays super cool. Never could i notice any negative emotions in his body language. He was observing and making changes in his team very calmly. For sure he is the best skipper that India has till date.

Not only this, he knows the skills of his team mates very well and uses them at the most appropriate times with total faith .His change of field placing and bowlers as per the match requirements is commendable. For sure he and his team mates have taken Indian cricket mindset to a new level. They are now more confident, plan professionally under stress- full situations and do not take the heat as earlier.

MS Dhoni has a the ability to bat and score when the team needs it the most, instead of sending other batsman ,he himself takes the responsibility and has been instrumental in scoring the required winning runs.

It is truly said that actions speak louder than words! Truly after watching the nerve wrecking match yesterday ,I could not help myself from admiring the capabilities of the skipper under the most stressing situations. He truly deserves to lead this mighty side !



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