Healthy Communication With Your Children


In today’s scenario quality of communication is the most important factor which builds or spoils the relationship between the children and parents. No amount of gifts or facilities provided to your child can substitute the importance of healthy communication.Below given pointers will help parents improve upon their relationship with their child. Remember listening and talking helps to build connect.

1. Be available for your children-Take notice of the time when your kids are most likely to talk and be available at that time.

2.Do at-least one activity with your child in week wherein you spend at-least half an hour together without any distraction or third person.

3. If your kids do not talk openly with you than take initiative and start up a conversation, to let them know that you care about what is happening in their life but do not lecture, criticize or say hurtful things.

4. Show interest in your child’s hobby and discuss it with them.

5. Listen to their opinion without putting them down, acknowledge that it is okay to disagree.

6. Try to be sensitive to your child’s feeling rather than your own during conversation.

7. Do not start  speaking before listening to their point of view. Listen attentively.

8. Resist the need to argue as to who is right. Instead focus on “I know  you disagree with me, but this is what I think”.

9. Do not get involved in any other activity, when your ward is sharing a problem with you, otherwise he may feel you are disinterested.

10. Kids imitate. Most often they will observe, as to how you deal with anger, problems, feelings etc and copy you. So be mindful of your actions and communication.



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