Healthy Study Habits for Success



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Study Habits For Better Scoring

1. Set a timetable for regular study instead of last minute cramming.

2. Organize your study space for textbooks, notes etc.

3. Visual aids like flow charts and diagrams help in revision better.

4. Practice old exam papers.

5. Explain difficult answers to family members to build confidence and check gaps.

6. Take regular breaks.

7. Eat ‘brain-food’ such as nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruits, milk etc

8. Set realistic goals.

9. Prepare the most difficult topics first, as that will boost your confidence and reduce stress. Study difficult topics, when there is least disturbance.

10. Clear your doubts and questions regarding subjects from your teachers and classmates.

11. Did you miss a study session? Reschedule it!

12. Avoid using technology during free time or you will be tempted for more.

13. Plan your next day before you sleep.

During Exams

1. Keep your dress, Admit card, stationery etc  ready a day before exam.

2. Do not get nervous at the time of board exam. Drink lots of water to overcome nervousness.

3. Have a good nights sleep. Avoid excess of tea and coffee.

4. Eat healthy breakfast. Eat proteins, calcium, fibre and piece of fruit or a vegetable.

5. Read the question paper twice before answering.

6. Write legibly to achieve the goodwill of the examiner.

7. Attempt all questions of every section keeping the time limit in mind.

8. Keep last 10 minutes for revising your answer sheet.

9.Do not stress on how your last paper went. Always  focus on the present paper.



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