Focus areas of improvement for Indians to increase Olympic medal tally


Why is  that the second highest populated country in the world comes back from every Olympics with just a few medals.

How can a small  country like Japan manages many more Olympic medallions than the Indians? India has the lowest ratio of medals won to population of any   competing country in Olympics in the world.

It is not that the other countries have citizens with extraordinary qualification or superpowers?

The fact of the matter is that all sportsperson’s   have different levels of physical and mental strengths. But to achieve an Olympic medal you need to sweat and slog consistently. If India has to increase its medal tally in 2016 Rio Olympics the following factors need to be worked on immediately and diligently.

  1. Our selection process is biased at every level. Lot of political intervention, regional preference, bureaucracy, money power has negatively impacted the selection process since long. It is important that the calibre of the sportsperson should only be the parameter for his or her selection. Fair chance should be given to anybody and everybody.  Promising young talent should be encouraged and aided to become sportsperson.
  2. There should be state of art facilities in terms of infrastructure, coaching, equipment etc for training the identified talent. If there is compromise in these, than for sure sports people will suffer. Also the government should promote sports in such a way that sportsmen are able to concentrate on their sports only and do not have to balance their time in sports and earning for their livelihood. Thus the participating population in sports in India is largely reduced as people do not risk getting into sports if it doesn’t works out.
  3. But the most important factor which seems to be lacking in Indians, is mental strength. We need to acknowledge the fact, that most Indian sportsperson are satisfied just to participate in the Olympics and don’t mind coming back home without a medal. Commitment or total passion  for the victory seems to be lacking. Indian sportspeople need to be very focused about winning from the very first day of practice. Indians somehow lack in consistency in terms of long term goals in sports for sure. They need to put in hundred percent for years if they aspire to win a Olympic medal. But Indian sports persons basically become complacent after achieving short term goals .Giving up under pressure is very common characteristic of Indian players. Nothing can be achieved without self motivation which seems to be lacking in sports people of this country. Most of sportsperson lack in mental strength and fail to be relaxed at the crucial moments.Bowing down under personal or social pressures is common.There is lack of a professional and targeted game plan.

It is important that the coaches work on the physical and mental capabilities of the sportsperson and help them achieve their peak performance. Commitment to excellence has to come from inside. But yes the right environment helps to nurture that. The Indian sports fraternity needs to sit and meticulously plan for success in this Olympics by raising the standard of Indian sports. And this can only be done, if they and the sports people sincerely and confidently enhance their physical, technical and mental capabilities to the extreme.


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