Building Parent Child Connect During Summer Vacations !!!


In  today’s fast pace life, getting to know and bonding with your kids becomes quite a tough rope walk. Too much too soon does not work , yes but a few efforts here and there will create the required magic .But you must remember that parenting is not a tiring responsibility but a relationship to be enjoyed and cherished .Few pointers that I found very easy and enjoyable are for you to apply as per your convenience .


1-Try to go for walking or shopping with one child at a time so that there is one to one connect- Make it a regular habit and see the benefits .But be careful of  doing it in rotation , if you have 2 or more kids otherwise the less regular ones might feel that you are biased. Depending on the age of the child, you might need to give them more time on each such visit .If you have a teenager with an issue ,a walk would be better option where you can give him / her your undivided attention. As kids grow up they will relish these memories.


2-Have fun at home-Try to have some pillow fights ,dance parties, late night movies with your kids at home. Such activities at home make a child appreciate the joy of small things and will feel more connected with the home. These things indirectly make the child understand that for entertainment ,he does not have to always go outside .A candle night dinner with your family ,done at home is a great idea to make you and your kids very excited and happy.


3-Let  you and your kid join  a hobby class-.Why don’t you and your child together  join the same hobby classes like dancing, drawing ,cooking , swimming, sports etc. Move out of the pick and drop routine. Be a part of the activity if you have time. Do not be shy about your age and other peoples comment. You might become a source of motivation for other parents . Go ahead and join hobby classes with your ward.


4-Encourage  Social Work-This vacations just don’t focus on yourself as a family, encourage your ward to do something purposeful for the under privileged or society at large. This might include teaching a poor child, cleaning the community park, spending time with a lonely old couple, feeding the street dogs, visiting and spending time in an orphanage or old age home. These activities will help in nurturing productive values in your ward.


5-Improve Basics in Academics-Summer break is a long time wherein you can help your ward work on areas of poor academic performance. It might be revising the mathematical tables, improving grammar, learning spelling , understanding science or simply improving the previous backlog. There is no hurry and your ward can work at his relaxed speed.


Happy Vacations!!!!



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