A Funny Little Story


Ravi was juggling down the road.He was hungry and very frustrated.Just had a fight with his parents .He was hungry since morning and did not have any cash to buy any thing to eat.How could he ever convince his parents that he had not left his job on his own.His boss had literally choked him out of the job. Lost in his own thoughts he was wandering.Just than he heard a loud voice”Hi Ravi!”.He looked back ,it was his classmate Shekhar. What the hell is he doing here thought Ravi. Shekhar was from the other gang and always irritated him. Ravi stood stone dead and greeted Shekhar.

“Hi,How are you ?Long time no see.Hows life?”asked Shekhar.

“Oh I was abroad for a few years.Just came back a couple of days back”,blurted Ravi.

“Wow ,we always knew you would do great.Hows family?”inquired Shekhar.

“Well parents are great.My mother wants me back in here.So i m planning to leave my job.We need to take care of our elders feeling.”

“Yes,i am sure your parents are proud of you.”

“Yes they are .And what about you?”

“Great !Got a great job,a caring family and lots of money.Very chilled.”

“Good! Very happy for you.Lets meet sometime.”

With this they exchanged their phone numbers and departed cheerfully.

Both  were feeling that they were successful in fooling the other about their reality!

Its really funny to make the other person jealous!You lose  sight of your own agony!


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